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Problem Solution Nokia 6233 Posted by Pasha Problem Solution Nokia 6233 (1) Nokia 6233 Cellular Phone No Caller ID on my Nokia 6233 on Orange? I've had my Nokia 6233 for a week now and overall very pleased with it except for one major problem!When someone calls me or I get a missed call I cannot see their name even. though they are in my contacts? All I get is call 1 This as you can imagine is very annoying I have just had the firmware upgraded to latest version and problem still there.Can someone tell me if its a Nokia problem or is it Orange then I can start. making myself a nuisance to whoever! SOLUTION 1. The normal cause of this is that the phone number has been entered twice and the phone can't decide which one to use and so just displays the number. 2. That's not the problem in this case as he says he only gets *Call 1* when someone rings. This obviously means his Carrier has NOT enabled caller ID on his phone, he will have to contact their customer support to arrange for it to be enabled. The views I present are that of my own and NOT of any organization I may belong to. 3. Spot on with the theory - out of interest, has the OP got a global "Don't send CLI" set on their account, as this may well be causing "don't send CLI" on incoming calls also. (2) Nokia 6233 a problem the phone memory my 6233 phone have a problem the phone memory has been low from 7.32mb but is 2.00 kb only SOLUTION 1. move your contacts from phone memory to SIM memory.avoid saving large files in the phone memory,save them in the memory card. 2. use mobi mb software in pc and delete the themes preview data from ur mobile 3. you have to transfer all data on the memory card and make the default memory as the memory card..,keep as much as space on phone memory as you can because if your phone memory is not free it can slow down your handsets processing speed (3) 6233 won't power off and won't power on hi, 6233 was not powering off using the power button. power button feels very loose. could only power off by removing battery. now will not power on as power button is too loose. i want to know how to open up the phone. phone has had same problem in the past and was repaired by service provider. thanks. SOLUTION 1. due to drysolder of ON\OFF switch in the pcb or damge in the push button in the panel( D cover)will be problem .by resoldering ON\OFF switch or by replacing the D cover you can solve the problem respectively. 2. Sounds like the power button has broken this sort of repair needs to be done by a tech as the button has to be resoldered to the board (4) Nokia 6233 Cellular Phone problem here can you send the basic nokia 6233 theme that already bees installed i SOLUTION 1. here can you send the basic nokia 6233 theme that already bees installed i (5) How to flash 6233 how to flash 6233 without turning it on SOLUTION 1. How to reformat your phone, first turn it OFF, take the SIM card out. Press *3 SEND at the same time and keep them pressed while you turn power on. Give it time to work. (6) Mobile drivers pls tell me where i get drivers for this mobile to attach the mobile to my computer as a webcamera SOLUTION 1. a. i don think there is any webcam software available for 6233. as for s60 handset, we do have... so, sorry can connect to internet on pc using latest nokia pc suite 6.85.. download it free from chose your handset model to download... 2. I have installed the vcast software and connected the phone. sumsung sch-u740 usb driver did install but when when I open vcast music manager click music on phone it says the phone isn't connected to the computer. when I hit the connect button nothing happens. I've tried this on two pc's. Anyone have any suggestions beside returning it back to verizon. 3. change 3gp to mwv (7) 6233 nokia factory resetting codes i need the factory resetting codes do know them thanx SOLUTION 1. the default code of nokia is 12345 but if it is changed before and u dont remember that than u must update its software with nokia pc suite to make the factory settings and the code back to default 2. Answer from::::::::::::::: [VJ]'s dail this no:::: *#7780# then the Phone ask security code...(tho common nokia cod is12345) 3. if its not been changed before then it is still the preset code which is 12345... you have 3 Attempt anyway... its the code i use to restore factory setting on most nokia phones. (8) Regarding Bluetooth My Nokia 6233 Mobiles bluetooth is not receiving any data. when connected it always shows as operation denied. SOLUTION 1. Please pay attention to the following things: a. Is your Memory card having sufficient memory available? b. Is your memory device with sufficient memory set as the current device under use? c. What about your blue tooth settings...are they set to enable you to reveive files from 'ALL'? d. Have you set your bluetooth identity correctly? e. Is the other fellow who is using it having proper settings?...Have you tried with some other people (friends)? f. If you are connecting to ur PC (not to other mobiles), ... it may be due to incompatible bluetooth driver (OR) incompatible OS (OR) some typical installation problem...Try correcting these by re-installing the bluetooth module in your PC (after clean uninstallation) 7. Go to nearest nokia service point and update the firmware :) 2. hi there!, about your problem make sure that you visibility is shown to all, remote sim mode if OFF and well yeah the bluetooth is on xD (9) NOKIA 6233 FORMATTING I HAVE NOKIA6233 WHEN MY PHONE MEMORY FORMATTING? SOLUTION 1. if thats an external card you can use a PC and a card reader attached to your PC then format the card there. thats more easy and fast to do. 2. Formatting your memory card is in the menu of your phone. (10) Manual for a Nokia 6233 I m looking for a new manual for a Nokia 6233, can anyone point me in the right direction? SOLUTION 1. Here is the tech manual (FREE!!!) 2. You can download one here: 3. try here Nokia Europe - Nokia 6233 - Support or, pdf file . - (copy paste,if fails) (11) Nokia 6233 Cellular Phone How to format i forgot my security code.... When i switch on the phone it asks for code... If i format the phone will the problem be solved... if yes plz tell me how to format it SOLUTION 1. hey what u can do is if u are able to go to the menu, type *#7370#,,,, it wil reset all the settings but ur contacts which are in the handset those will be deleted, by doing this u will get ur password set as default which is 12345,,,, try other wise get to ur service provider for the PUK code,,, and than u wil get the new swet of password. 2. what you can do is that simply give the wrong code for 5-6 times..then it will ask you the PUK code get the code from your service provider...after giving the code your all old lock will be deleted,and your handset will be unlocked 3. You will need to get the code in order to access the phone. If it is a SIM card password, changing the SIM card will resolve this problem. Also, there is no way to "format" the device, you can Restore Factory Settings, but that just changes the settings back to default. 4. hey what u can do is if u are able to go to the menu, type *#7370#,,,, it wil reset all the settings but ur contacts which are in the handset those will be deleted, by doing this u will get ur password set as default which is 12345,,,, try other wise get to ur service provider for the PUK code,,, and than u wil get the new swet of password. (12) Nokia 6233 Cellular Phone I want break my memory card password i want break my nokia 6233 sd memory card password please help me nitin i had forgot password for my nokia 6233 micro SD memory card, it gets locked i wants to release it, find me some solution SOLUTION 1. i have a nokia 6233 piece. the problem is that sometimes in between the screen suddenly becomes blank and then it recovers back. blank i the sense it does not get switched off. the next thing is that even if i set a password for the memory card it does not work. can anybody help get me to get a solutin to this problem. 2. just put the card in card reader and format it or download the password recovery software from net this way u can save your DATA 3. try formatting it. (13) Need master password or code I have forgot the password need to break it SOLUTION 1. The default code for all Nokia cell phones is 12345. That code only works if your have not changed it to something else. 2. mobile format 3. hold * # button and restart it

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